ALL Rights Begin With Property



To create a leaderless, invisible, ubiquitous movement of constitutionally minded sovereign citizens.  Whose purpose is to awaken the sleeping majority, educate the clueless among us, and to resurrect and restore the republic envisioned by our founding fathers so that each individual is free to pursue life, liberty and happiness by use of their own time, talent and treasure.

This will be done by taking back our country on a county by county level by recruiting like-minded constitutionalists who will vet out among themselves sheriffs, county supervisors, prosecuting attorneys, and central committeemen and women. As these people gain experience they will then move up the political ladders to state representation levels then to national levels. 

 The 1st objective is to strengthen the Office of Sherriff by assisting in the creation of a volunteer deputy organization similar to that of a volunteer fire department.  These volunteers need only to know the constitution, safely handle a gun and be willing to show up to support the sheriff at a moment’s notice. Each county should initially have 500 members with a reserve of every other law abiding citizen in that county.  All sheriffs and their staff deputies should also have in-depth constitutional training so as to be able to protect all citizens from federal and global tyranny.

The 2nd objective is to foster food- water sovereignty and self-sufficiency so each county can aquify and feed themselves.   This will be done allying with the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance and food storage stratagems and groups.

The 3rd objective is to organize constitutionally minded citizens on a precinct by precinct level leveraged by technology so that getting out the vote creates a majority of winning elections on the issues as well as newly elected officials. 

The 4th objective is to participate in local and or internet talk radio making it a daily town hall meeting where we can personally hone our persuasion and debate skills based on the 28 principles of liberty.

The 5th objective is to each have a minimum of 100 people we can personally broadcast emails on issues, talking-writing campaign points, and action alert directives.

The 6th objective is to mix with at least 3 different groups like church, civic and hobby clubs. There, recruits are to be found and cultivated.

The 7th objective is to purge all statists from every level of society be they elected officials or people of influence in leadership rolls of the media, religion, and education replaced by constitutionally minded individuals. 

The 8th objective is to buy and trade locally with honest pre-65 silver coins. One of the duties of congress is to coin money. If we do not use this coined money how can we be protected from the ravages of inflation and deflation perpetuated by the central banks. Also to change local and state laws to accept silver coins as legal tender.

The 9th objective is to continuously dog our representatives. This can best be done with Twitter. Each time you tweet or re-tweet a particular politician it shows up  on both your communication log and their communication log. So if they fail to read your tweet their thousands of followers will. It is like standing in front of their office with a neon sign telling the whole world your message. To see how it is done follow this guy Bitter Clinger  @1776Trumps1984  .  If you do nothing but re-tweet his tweets you will be doing a lot.

Those of you with a smart phone should download the Congress App called Open Congress . You can follow any Federally Elected office holder, add them to your contact lists and even tweet them directly. It is FREE and  put out by the

Finally, we need to resist any temptation of a 3rd party.  Why, because the progressives never used 3rd parties and they have been highly successful. How? By their infiltration of  both the major and other minor parties, think tanks, religious organizations and even secret societies. It is because of their deceit and theft of key positions of power that they have pulled off their accomplishments so far.

Therefore, we  need to unite invisibly and ubiquitously undoing what the progressives have been doing for decades by revealing who and what they are, what they are doing, their agenda and what their final solution really is which does not include most of us. That final solution is population reduction, known as  eugenics.

If these objectives and purpose are in line with your way thinking, come join us. You will find us in the Property Rights Movement, Tea Party Movement, Open Carry Movement, Food Sovereignty Movement, Water Rights Movement and Self-Reliant Movement taking leaderless actions like a swarm of bees defending the hive. 

They will know us not by the color of our skin but by the 28 principles of liberty we filter everything through and live by.  Also, how we look at things and who our champions are.  You will find our children are home schooled, our transportation EMP proof which can also run of veggie oil and are owners of a storehouse of food, water, guns and ammo.

Participate in the blog below will give you actual things you can do to save the republic. It is hearting to see how doing little things every day can make a BIG difference. 

If you did nothing more than get 100 people on your email broadcast list, you will have done more than you will ever know. If you get your 100 people just to learn the information on this site, you will have done more than you will ever know.  If you encourage your 100 people to develop their 100 people we might actually have a chance to take back our country.

Participation will give you positive action steps to take while allying yourself with like-minded freedom lovers aka patriotsworldwide. Remember, “Impression without expression is depression.”  This site has plenty of things you can do so there won’t be time for depression!

Success will be measured in new followers, higher web and blog site hit counts and the ousting of statist at every level of government, media and non-government institutions.  Success will also be in the strength our local economy, sheriff’s department and the talent and knowledge of our like-minded neighbors who can take care of their own.

With this site, we will make constitutionality so hip and cool that statist will become social outcasts and known for the fascists totalitarians they really are.

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“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and CORPORATIONS that will grow up around them (around the BANKS and CORPORATIONS), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -
Unknown Author

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