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“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...
they are the only sure reliance for the preservation
of our liberty.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Steaming Audio Links

Local Links to Springfield,  MO Area

Nick Reed
Weekdays 6-9am
Call: 1-800-630-KSGF(5743)
Text Line: 417-536-8070

Studio Lines 417-862-9977
FROM 6;30 TO 9:00 AM CST

Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio (The old Derry Brownfield Show.)
Beth Schoeneberg
877-895-5410 - On Air
573-796-2166 - Office Line
800-771-2147 - Order Line

National Talk Radio Hosts and call in phone numbers.

Radio Call-in tips.

It is not necessary to actually listen to these show on line or via radio. You will be put on hold so long that by they time you get to speak you will know the right question or comment to make. So put these phone numbers into your prestored phone list in your smart phone. I put TR infront of the names in the list so when I want to call, my phone pulls up all the Talk Radio names in the list and I can pick one.  

Most shows archive their past shows but for a fee. The ones listed below with Archived highlighted are free downloadable shows. These are true patriots because they truly want to get the word out and save the country.

Andrew Wilkow 866-95-Patriot  Archived.
Battle Line with Alan Nathan Alan Nathan 1-800-510- 8255
Bob Grant Show Bob Grant 1-800-321- 8828
Common Sense Radio W/Ollie North Ollie North 1-888-99-NORTH
Commonsense Coalition Beth Schoeneberg 877-895-5410 Archived.
Dateline Washington w/Greg Corombus Greg Corombus 1-800-510- 8255
Dennis Prager Show Dennis Prager 1-877-243-7776
Dolans Show 1-800-321- 0710
Don Kroah Show Don Kroah 1-888-293-9282
Dr. Laura Laura Schlessing 1-800-DR LAURA
G. Gordon Liddy Show G. Gordon Liddy 1-800-GG-LIDDY
Good Day USA Doug Stephan 1-877-541-5250
Hot Talk with Scott Hennen Scott Hennen 1-800-279- 9329
Hugh Hewitt Show Hugh Hewitt 1-800-520- 1234 
Imus in the Morning Don Imus 1-800-370-4687
Janet Parshall's America Janet Parshall 1-800-343- 9282
Jason Jarvis Show Jason Jarvis 1-860-676- 8306
Jim Bohannon Show Jim Bohannon 1-866-505- 4626
Ken Hamblin Show Ken Hamblin 1-800-462-6479
Larry Elder Show Larry Elder 1-800-222-5222
Lars Larson Show Lars Larson 1-866-509-LARS
Laura Ingraham Show 1-800-743- 4443
MARK LEVIN Show -- 1-800-848-WABC Archived.
Michael Medved Show Michael Medved 1-800-955-1776 
Michael Savage Show Michael Savage 1-800-449-8255
Mike Gallagher Show Mike Gallagher 1-800-655-MIKE
Neal Boortz Show Neal Boortz 1-877-310-2100
News Beat with Blanquita Cullum Blanquita Cullum 1-800- 510- TALK
Point of View Marlin Maddoux 1-800-351-1212
Radio Factor w/Bill O'Reilly  1-877-9 NO SPIN
Rush Limbaugh Show Rush Limbaugh 1-800-282- 2882 
Sean Hannity Show Sean Hannity 1-800-941- 7326 

Find all the talk radios show online here with this cool app: <Click HERE>.  Then download any shows you missed at the sites in the directory to your MP3 player and listen when ever you want.

Record all streaming audio with this cool app:<Click HERE>. Anything that comes out of your speakers can then be saved as an MP3 that you can burn to a CD. Based on your bit rate (128 recommended) you can get about ten hours.
Watch TV from around the world with this very cool app: <Click HERE>. 


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