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Missouri 7th District Survey from Christian County Missouri.
Week of 7,21--,28,2012.
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If your candidate is not doing well, may be it is because you and your friends have not taken these surveys.  After 100 people have participated, a press release will be sent to the media as well as the internet. It will reveal all the groups I gave the opportunity to take these surveys.

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Christian County Health Board RAW MILK issues. Click here to take survey
CHRISTIAN COUNTY MO Hotly contested local races. Click here to take survey

Read the results after 100 people have participated. Go here for survey results:  Click HERE
Christian County Property Rights Council Candidate forum. Robert Palmer and Ray Weter for Eastern Commissioner on July 12, 2012.  Eddie Campbell was invited but did not attend. 

Clicking on the audios below may take a few moment to load.

Robert Palmer Listen Here................

Ray Weter Listen Here........................

Brandon Peak running as an independent for Christian County Treasurer.

Download the whole file for free and burn to a CD to pass out to all your friends. CLICK HERE.
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FREE MP3 Download of the CCRCC 7,17,12 meeting with guests Peter Kinder and Tom Stilson to pass out to all your friends. CLICK HERE.

FREE MP3 Download of the Turner Station Bill Randles Stump Speech with questions and answers afterward. CLICK HERE.
Republican Federation of Women VFW Hall 7,19,0 2012 candidate forum.

County Commissioner's Race.           

County Sheriff's Race .                 ...     

Country Coroner's Race .            ..       

Country Assessor's Race .                  

Americans For Prosperity Free MP3 Download 7, 21, 2012. Highlights are:
1. Barry Goldwater Jr.
2. Tony Katz radio host.
3. Social Media & Blogging.
4. Gubernatorial & Senatorial Presentations with Q & As.

Here is a sampling of what you will get when you download. A couple of things you should know:
1. John G. Brunner was absent but Hector Maldonado was present for the senatorial presentations (Maybe it was because of Brunner's attack ads were released recently).
2. Dave Spence still refuses to engage Bill Randles in a debate. Here may the the reason why CLICK HERE.

For Governor:

Bill Randles                 LISTEN NOW......

Dave Spence              LISTEN NOW.......

Fred Sauer                  LISTEN NOW......

FOR Senator:

Todd Akin                   Listen Now............

Sarah Steelman       Listen Now............

Hector Maldonado   Listen Now............

John G. Brunner       ABSENT         along with Jerry Beck, Mark Memoly and Mark Patrick Lodes.  I am sorry, if these guys can't show up at a major event put on by Americans for Prosperity which Mark Levin supports, how can we show up to the polls for them?

Everyone who is reading this page, listening to the audios, taking the surveys, or downloading the whole event, I ask that you visit and like my Facebook Page and also joint Americans for Prosperity which is FREE!

Tony Katz was outstanding. Want people to get what this election is all about?

                                      LISTEN HERE......

Ozark Property Right Congress 12th Annual 7,28,2012  entire day event FREE DOWNLOAD.


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